for energy markets

Grid Connectitvity

  • Forget bilateral activities
  • Forget Entity Relation Model
  • Transactions are activities that change the consens
  • It only matters what matters for everyone


If we know...

  • Someone has a (trusted) Meter-Point-Operation
  • and has a (trusted) Connection
  • this party could become a Grid Actor

Of course there is some sort of process a Meter-Point-Operator is following...

... like ensuring that customer is billable ..

but this is all bilateral (=no one else cares).

At the end

There are two signatures that could be made visible (=useable) in the blockchain.

For other contracts.

= Consens on "Prove of Existance".

Storyline - Connectivity

Due to existance of MPO and DSO contract.

The MPO could notariy with any reading a new Deliverable Contract

This ensures that every consumption/generation ends up once in a Deliverable Contract.

= Consens on Amount of Circulated Electricity

Deliverable Contract

contract Delivery is owned {
		address public owner;
		address public dso;
		uint256 public role;							
		uint256 public startTime;
		uint256 public endTime;
		uint256 public power;
		address public resolution;


Ownership is an important concept of blockchain technology.

We use it in this example to indicate that a Deliverable could be forwarded.

The MPO Contract issues a new Deliverable Contract and forwards it to the Actor.

... but the actor does not want to care about it ...

Let's do it...

  1. Create a new actor
  2. Ensure Meter-Point-Operation Contract is signed
  3. Ensure DSO-Contract is signed
  4. Push some Readings
  5. Check creation of Deliverables

>>Start Business-Object Demo (localhost:8000)

Start your (local) env...

git clone
cd BusinessObject-Demo
npm install

npm start
Open http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.


Transfering bilateral agreements into a global consens.

  • Party "A" confirms in its (owned) contract "C" Party "B"
  • Party "B" confirms in RolesLookup that contract "C" regulates its Role "D"



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Abstraction layer between blockchain technology and business logic providing energy market related entities and use cases.

The StromDAO BusinessObject comes ready-to-use in custom applications.



Multiple integtration APIs:

  • Node.JS Module (recommended)
  • HTTP(s) JSON-RPC to StromDAO Node
  • HTTP(s) JSON-RPC to Energy Blockchain
  • Command-Line-Interface
  • ...

You are about to leave your browser and doing things manually only a droid is subjected to do.